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Web Design Services
Many businesses are still being represented by static, dated websites.  Just as having a rusty, decaying sign welcoming customers to your store would be bad for business, a poorly designed website leaves the same impression.  If your business is embarrassed by its online presence, Can 9 Software can help.

We will create a modern site that will impress both current and potential customers.  More importantly, we will build your business a website that will make you more money.

The basic process you can expect when having a website built by us generally includes:

  • Discussion about your business -- who you are, what your core operations entail.  This will help us envision a design that will fit your business properly.
  • Review of your competition.  For our SEO clients, who are customers finding first when they perform searches for your industry in a particular town?  We will find out what you are up against, and make sure your website is up to the challenge.
  • Initial design work.  The core design/framework of your website is presented for your review.
  • Content and final site development.  Once you are satisfied with the look & feel of the site, the core content can be built in, and the site will be ready to go live.